How to make a Pie-Hole

To make a pie-Hole, you’ll first need to get a set of Mr. Pie-Hole’s Pie-Hole makers. These are available for sale on this site, at the events that we attend, and at retailers nationwide.

Once you have your Pie-Hole makers, you’ll need a campfire, some “tube-biscuits” available at any grocery store, and whatever filling you want to stuff in your Pie-Hole!

Spread your dough over the Mr. Pie-Hole’s mandrel. It works best when you place the dough on the end, then run it down the length of the mandrel to form a pocket. You want the dough to be even in thickness all the way around, so take your time- making a perfect Pie-Hole is all about technique.

Next, it’s time to cook your Pie-Hole. Notice how your dough is stuck to the mandrel. It’ll remain stuck there until it’s cooked. Once the Pie-Hole is cooked all the way through, it’ll slide right off. Cooking tip: We’ve found that coals work better than flames. Actually, a lot better. Cook your Pie-Hole by slowly rotating it over the coals of your campfire. It’s best not to point the Pie-Hole tip at the fire, as this will cook the tip, but not the sides. For the best results, hold the Pie-Hole maker so that the side of the mandrel is tangent to the fire. Since every fire is different, it’s hard to say how long to cook for, but we average 3-5 minutes. Note that the dough will slide off the mandrel easily only after it is thoroughly cooked. If the Pie-Hole doesn’t come off with minimal effort, it’s not done yet, and you need to continue cooking it.

Once cooked, it’s time to stuff your Pie-Hole! Fill it with whatever ingredients you like… there’s no rules here! For some good suggestions, try some of the recipes on this site.

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